Exploring Intuitive & Aesthetic Interaction

UX/PX Design / University Course

Developing a new interactive way for people to explore Spotify songs through the way people interact with the object.

My contribution: Form exploration, Applying academic theory into the design, Interaction Exploration.

Goal of the Course

Exploring the academical reasoning behind interaction design in an intuitive and aesthetic way in tangible products.


Developing a new interactive way for people to explore Spotify songs through the way users interact with the object.


In order to explore behavioural interaction we approached feedback and feedforward in an academic way through means of the interaction frogger framework. We also explored different ways of interaction in terms of behaviour and where the retrieval of information for performing an interaction comes from (either expertise, culture, sensorimotor or innate).

The exploration of form and interaction through ergonomics

In this way we explored how people would search for music if their way of interaction would define what kind of music would play. We would first look at which functions we wanted to implement (Turning a device on or off, discovering music based on mood, changing artist etc.) and afterwards we brainstormed about a way to implement it. Afterwards we would implement our ‘behavioural mood search function’ which lead to our final design.

The principle of the design is simple, you search broadly based on the behaviour you put into the object: soft strokes for more calm music or shaking it heavily for a more upbeat tempo. Afterwards you could select different playlists, albums or artists through the digital screens at the bottom of the ring. The device would be in a physical way be reminiscing the looks of a speaker in such a way by implementing the same materials as a boom box.

A sketch that explains on of the interaction possibilities

The final design